Dreamcloud Bug Reports

Welcome to the official bug reporting guide for Dreamcloud! We understand that bugs can happen but don’t worry we do our best to make sure everything is patched as soon as possible. Once you report a bug and provide us with the information needed, we will notify our development team to get it looked into, it’s worth mentioning that our timeline will always prioritize game-breaking issues first! If you notice something that is causing mass panic such as the server being crashed or things related to that – please alert @logan#0951, @BeeInc#0001, @Bloo#2525, or @Yawn#5841 on Discord ASAP but again only do that if it is an urgent situation.

This is the username you use on Dreamcloud.
This helps us figure out if the issue you are experiencing is something on our end or if it’s caused by a mod you use. Please be very specific with the mods you use!
Example: Step 1: Go the survival Step 2: type /vote Step 3: Click on the 3rd voting link and vote Step 4: Wait 5+ minutes Step 5: You don’t get the rewards
This means Chat Related: An issue relating to the chat so a typo, misinformation, or prefix issues. Game Issue: This is everything related to survival itself so land claiming, commands not working, and stuff like that. Map Issue: If you come across an issue with the spawn or anything related to a build we have it would fall into this group.
For screenshots, you can upload them to http://www.imgur.com/upload then copy the link and paste it here, and for videos you can upload them to http://www.YouTube.com/upload . For evidence, just re-do what you did originally for the bug so we have a better understanding of what could be causing it.

Thank you for reading this guide and alerting us of the issue! We will respond to your thread once we review it and keep you updated throughout the process.